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how to select ess oil necklace 1_70How to get Natural Aromatherapy Benefits All-Day Long (with FREE aromatherapy essential oil selection) Wherever You go

marie2Necklaces for natural aromatherapy have been used for thousands of years by women, including Queen Cleopatra cleopatra1ain ancient Egypt, to enhance feelings of wellness. In fact, many credit Cleopatra and ancient Egyptians with the creation of Aromatherapy. In Cleopatra’s day, essential oils were seen as as a necessary part of a person’s daily routine.

In this article I’ll show SAM_0478C_smallyou how aromatherapy necklaces work and how they can benefit you (when you get the right kind of necklace and natural oils). While aromatherapy necklaces have been popular with European women for years, American women are just now discovering their many potential benefits. Thousands of women in the USA now use an aromatherapy necklace daily, to help them achieve a positive & desired mental state. Now you too have the opportunity to take advantage of aromatherapy knowledge gained from historical research, and available to you in the spirit of Cleopatra’s beauty.

HOT NEWS: Please remember Coupon Code ‘SWISSOIL‘ to see today’s EXTRA discount, below! Depending on your needs aromatherapy essential oils can help you become; relaxed, alert, aroused, sleepy and generally help create a feeling of well-being.

The right aromatherapy necklace, together with an oil to suit your needs, is a great way to achieve feelings you desire wherever you are as the pendant works away diffusing the wonderful natural aroma of your chosen oil, while you relax.

I’ll also reveal below how you can get your own Cleopatra aromatherapy necklace, of a beautiful ancient-Egyptian design worn by Cleopatra herself (plus a FREE essential oil to work with your pendant + FREE shipping + FREE essential oil guidebook + an additional, ‘mystery’ discount with COUPON code: “SWISSOIL” during checkout). Then you can give aromatherapy a chance to help make your day brighter, fragrant and more relaxing wherever you go.

Choosing Your Cleopatra Aromatherapy Necklace Band Color Here below, are some color options of this beautiful, glass-pendant ancient-Egypt design necklace – one of our favorites here at the lab. As you can see, the design is colorful and attractive while being elegant and functional. What’s more, the pendant (glass vial) is made of special, lightweight & hollow natural glass you simply fill with your chosen aromatherapy oil (you also get a free essential oil, below, to work together with your necklace). Each vial has a natural cork stopper which securely holds your oil, yet also lets out the fragrance in an effective way.

Here’s a small selection of our favorite color bands (in addition to the blue color, above) in true Cleopatra style. Many more bands and colors, including Dark Blue, Light Blue, Brown, Gold, Green and Red are available lower down on this page…)








Selecting Your Free Cleopatra Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil When you choose one of these great, classic necklaces today, you get a FREE essential oil to put in the vial. Each oil comes with its own particular aromatherapy benefits and there are countless options here. For example, here are a few of our favorite oils that work great with these necklaces (Cleopatra would approve of these essential oil selections);lavender

  • Lavender oil (free gift when you order today!) has emotionally calming properties, as reported by users to include; relieving tension, headaches, hypertension, stress, feelings of anxiety and insomnia
  • Lemon oil (free gift when you order today!) acts as a mood-lifter, refreshes and stimulates personal well-being, improves mood and emotions, and some find it also helps improve memory
  • Peppermint oil (free gift when you order today!) has a powerful scent and can help change the environment quickly _XS_ESSENTIAL_OIL_BOTTLEthus acting as an air deodorizer. Peppermint also has an amazing ability to increase alertness to aid with your concentration
  • Bergamot oil (free gift when you order today!) is used to treat stress, reduced emotional state and anxiety
  • Ylang Ylang oil (free gift when you order today!) has emotionally-relaxing scent qualities which some report may assist with relaxation, relieving anxiety, and enhancing emotional stability

These are just a few of the many essential oils you can choose as our free gift with your necklace. There are countless essential oils you can choose from… and even make your own oil blends, as you need and desire.

How to Fill Your Cleopatra Aromatherapy Pendant with Essential Oils

pendant_close_up1aOnce your aromatherapy necklace arrives, it’s time to fill the glass vial/pendant with your chosen free essential oil. The easiest way to do this is using a pipette. A pipette is a small plastic tube with a small bulb at the end, very commonly used with essential oils.

If you don’t have a pipette you can use a regular straw or dropper to get the oil out of the bottle and into the pendant.e2d2eaddd2f65ef83eeca3f367fdb088

After removing the natural cork stopper, using the pipette or straw simply place 7-10 drops of your chosen essential oil into the glass pendant, then reseal the pendant with the cork stopper. The natural aromas from the essential oil will pass through the natural cork of the stopper. Should you desire a little additional aroma, you may place a few additional drops of oil on the stopper itself.

fill_essential_oil_necklaceThe natural cork stopper allows the aroma from your chosen essential oil to diffuse around you, wherever you go; work, home, play, travel, hotel, shopping, car, aircraft, boat… you name it!

If you wish to change your aromatherapy oil, here’s how; simply wait for the existing oil to evaporate, then use an eyedropper or pipette to refill with different oils. You may also use a syringe to extract the existing oil, then replace with new, fresh aromatherapy oil of your choosing.fill_essential_oil_necklace2

Next: Get Started with Your Own Aromatherapy Pendant with Your Choice of FREE Essential Oils 100% Risk-Free (return for a full 100% refund, anytime, if you are not delighted with your essential oil necklace)

To get started on the road to aromatherapy feelings of wellness and relaxation, simply click on one of the photos below, to select your essential oil necklace. Then during checkout simply make your FREE aromatherapy essential oil selection (there are five or more natural aromatherapy essential oils to choose from, as your free gift when you order today).

You’ll be the envy of your friends when they see your very own attention-getting, functional and attractive Cleopatra necklace with FREE essential oils. What’s more, you get FREE shipping and a FREE essential oil guidebook when you order today. We want you to be happy with your purchase and with our 100% Swiss-Ultimate no-hassle guarantee, you just can’t lose. What more could you ask for? Free essential oils, free shipping, free essential oil guidebook, 100% risk-free! Please click the photo below of your chosen necklace color and get started on your way to essential oil aromatherapy wellness.

really-interested-in-essential-oilsIf, after exploring the catalog below, you have any queries before you get your necklace, please click the yellow button on the left, and ask us your query (we don’t mind)

[:O) …we’ll get back with your answer, ASAP!

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3D_Girl_67_40Click on the Photo Below of your Chosen Cleopatra Necklace + Select Your FREE Essential Oil + get FREE Shipping (today only… quantities are limited)  100% Risk-Free… you can return anytime for full 100% refund & keep your free essential oil as our gift… just for trying Swiss-Ultimate aromatherapy necklace wellness…

really-interested-in-essential-oilsPlease click on photo above for more details on your; Cleopatra aromatherapy necklace + FREE natural essential oil to fill your necklace + FREE essential oil guidebook + get FREE shipping (today only)

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