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How to Discover Which Aromatherapy Essential Oils are Right for You?

As with most treatments for health and well-being, you have a few choices to make when selecting how to best-tailor your treatment for your current particular needs. When it comes to aromatherapy, we’re expected to somehow determine which particular essential oil (or blend of essential oils) is right for us. But how?pink-arrow-hi_sm

Choosing the right oil isn’t easy (unless to try a whole bunch of oils and see what works best for you… an expensive proposition). That’s why we developed my ‘3-Minute’ Aromatherapy Self-Evaluation Tool – to help you decide which aromatherapy oils are best-suited for you.

So please get started below and at the end of the self-evaluation (takes 3-minutes or less) – then our exclusive tool will tell you, based on your answers & our aromatherapy research, your aromatherapy needs today. Please answer this short series of questions (below) to discover your current personal aromatherapy needs…

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This self-evaluation is for aromatherapy essential oil recreational use. Neither this evaluation, nor essential oils in general are intended to treat any disease or medical condition. Statements on these pages have not been evaluated by the FDA or other government agencies. Devices and treatments mentioned are for cosmetic or recreational use only. If you have any queries or concerns regarding aromatherapy, please consult a certified practitioner.

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