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The bible reveals many natural skincare secrets. Here we explore & rediscover these hidden treatments, with 7 effective oil & health tips from the testament…

We’ve all heard how Frankincense, Myrrh & a host of other natural treatments were valued by women & men in ancient times. In the Holy Land & beyond a handful of biblical skincare concepts have stood the test of time so well, doesn’t it make sense to refer to each? Let’s see what they might offer us today…

While many of today’s skincare solutions use high-tech to get results, I prefer treatments that are either; naturally-occurring, or new methods incorporating natural functions into what they do. In my own formulations for Swiss-Ultimate & for my friends, I always go back to nature; seeking historical justification for the wellness reputation of certain oils.

And what better way to refer to some aspects of history, than with the good book? Here are a bounty of organic solutions from the testament. Wellness, skincare & spiritual techniques that have stood the test of time;

#7. Be kind to your body (avoid harsh artificial ingredients)

The bible tells us to treat ourselves, our bodies & others with kindness. Many of today’s treatments contain harsh ingredients that can linger on the skin, causing damage. It never used to be this way. Unhealthy films left by emulsifiers can lead to a great many skincare problems, including; acne, rosacea, dryness & more. Watch out for ingredients such as; polysorbate, stearate, steareth, cetearyl and cetearath. These all mean the product contains emulsifiers.

#6. Use natural oils  Here are a several natural oils mentioned in the bible & ancient documents, together with potential skincare uses today; the first is Neroli oil – well known for skincare & anti-wrinkle benefits. You can get more info on Neroli here

Argan oil from the Argan tree (yes, those really are goats climbing an Argan tree I saw in Morocco) is an amazing, rich natural oil from the Middle-East. Here is one of my favorite treatments containing Argan oil

Black Pepper oil This mysterious oil can be a health game-changer. Pepper oil helps relieve aches & pains, aid digestion, lower cholesterol, encourage circulation & more

 #5. Oils in history  Peppermint oil A great way to freshen almost anything; breath, skin & more. Here are more ways to use peppermint & other natural oils

Frankincense oil Perhaps the ‘classic’ biblical oil, used in many religious ceremonies & so good for pro-aging skincare purposes. More info here

Myrhh oil Referred to in the bible, over & over again. The gift of kings. Read more about how Myrhh can help your skin today, here.

Lavender oil Used in Middle-Eastern religious ceremonies & an amazing, fresh way to relieve a number of skin issues, lavender oil should be in almost every woman & man’s oil collection.

#5. Oils from flowers  Rose oil was often given as a gift in biblical times. It was common enough to be affordable, effective & special enough to make the receiver remember your kindness for a long time hence.

Combining ancient, proven treatments with high-tech makes sense in a number of situations. Some say; just as our provider’s knowledge is boundless, aware of new as well as old, we too should seek to go further & incorporate new ways.

#3. Eat a wholesome diet

Women & men in natural times ate a diet that was bountiful in fiber & natural grains. This helped not only skincare, but also body health & spiritual peace. Today’s artificial food ingredients & the potential to cause so much harm, just didn’t exist. If you’d like more of my selected tips regarding a more healthy, natural diet PLEASE CLICK HERE

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#2. Use purified water to drink & wash  Chlorine & other harsh chemicals are added to our water. This doesn’t help your skin. Chlorine additives didn’t exist in older days. Anyone who has washed with natural rain water knows how good your skin feels afterwards. If you’d like more tips on how to drink healthier & particularly drink natural tea PLEASE CLICK HERE

#1. Stay active

In ancient times, there were not cars, or powered vehicles of any kind. People walked & remained active throughout the day. They were healthier & happier for it. For a few tips on how to enhance your health in a much easier way PLEASE CLICK HERE on how to enhance your wellness through an innovative, at-home method (with several selected videos).

Thanks for reading. I trust you may consider some of these ancient biblical health solutions in your daily life. And get back to the more natural, healthy skin & body care you desire & so richly deserve!

Please CLICK HERE for step-by-step video secrets to staying active & healthy in several effective ways that are so very easy to bring into your daily routine.

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Until next time, I look forward to bringing you more news on the latest essential oil, skincare & healthy tips.

Talk soon!


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