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7_best_anti_wrinkle_oils_507 Best Natural Essential Oils Today for Youthful-Looking Skin (35+ years)

When it comes to treatments leading to more youthful skin, natural essential oils can be very effective toward reducing your personal signs of aging. Particularly in women and men age 35+. The essential oils I detail below can have very powerful effects and should be diluted with a carrier oil, to an appropriate strength for skin care (no more than one part essential oil to three parts carrier oil).

Natural essential oils can rival (and even beat) commercial treatments for effectiveness when it comes to skin care, and many women and men love the fact nature is providing the benefits. These essential oils have all undergone significant research and have been found effective in reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles, skin discoloration and more.

On this handy resource page (below) I also show you how to “Combo-Blend” some of these oils for amazing combination treatments. Why?

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Because often, when you combine two or more oils, they work together in powerful, almost magical natural ways we are just beginning to understand. Another benefit is skincare from essential oils generally costs a lot less than commercial treatments. Because we are only using a few drops of each essential oil, they last for ages (when used and stored as directed).

Here (in reverse order) are the most potent essential oils for anti-wrinkle purposes, according to our recent research into natural skin care;

#7. Lavender Essential Oil   Looking beyond this oil’s relaxing aroma, there’s more to the oil than just a wonderful fragrance. lavenderLavender has strong skin-regeneration properties, and also is an anti-inflammatory (inflammation tends to occur more as we get older and reducing inflammation can lead to a more youthful appearance)

How Lavender essential oil works: lavender” comes from the Latin word, “lavare,” which means “to wash. Anti-microbial, Lavender oil helps to soothe skin and reduce irritation – delaying fine-lines, easing skin discoloration associated with age spots (caused by the Sun) and other causes

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Lavender essential oil safety: Be careful not to rub lavender oil in your eyes. If this happens, wash out, right away. Lavender oil can  cause allergic reactions in people with unusually sensitive skin, perform a patch test before using.

ess oil combo blend 1

Luscious Lavender Blend: Add 10-12 drops of Lavender oil to 1 oz fractionated coconut oil (carrier oil) and mix well. Use as massage oil on your face and neck to delay the signs of aging in those areas. You can also use 1-part Lavender, 1-part Basil, and 8-parts carrier oil for a more potent anti-aging massage oil

#6. Myrrh Essential Oil   From before biblical times, Myrrh oil has a long history of medicinal use (and is particularly valued for its myrrhwound-healing properties for skin). Premature aging is caused, in part, by free-radical damage to skin. Myrrh can help reduce the activity of free radicals

How Myrrh essential oil works: Myrrh smooths out aging skin and can help prevent wrinkles from forming by preventing free radicals from stealing oxygen from healthy skin cells. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, helping prevent dull and lifeless skin associated with wrinkles

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Myrrh essential oil safety: not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers (can induce menstruation and lead to premature labor). Not for children, diabetics or those suffering from health conditions unless consulting their physician first. Please be sure to always dilute any essential oil with a carrier oil, before you use it on your skin.

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#5. Tamanu Oil   Tamanu, a tropical oil works as a potent moisturizer. Classed as a carrier oil (a base to carry essential oils) rather than an essential oil, as used in its native Pacific islands Tamanu oil also has tamanunatural UV protection and in some tests has a SPF of 20+. Also has potent anti-aging properties and can help restore wrinkled, sagging skin around the eyes

shower 1_75How Tamanu oil works: Tamanu has been shown to have skin-regenerative effects and also is reported to work well as an eye shadow primer on eyelids, to help prevent wrinkles in this sensitive area. Contains delta-tocotrienol (a form of vitamin E, with known benefits for anti-aging skincare purposes)

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Tamanu oil safety: generally considered safe when used topically, it may trigger allergic reactions in some. Perform skin patch test

ess oil combo blend 1

Tamanu Power Blend: Add 1-parts of each; Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon and Patchouli oils to 12 parts Tamanu (using Tamanu as a carrier oil see here for recommended carrier oil blending process) and use as a night-time blend (blends containing Lemon oil should generally only be used at night, as they can make your skin sensitive to sunlight).

#4. Rose Essential Oil   This powerful essential oil has a beautiful, romantic scent and promotes skin healing. How Rose essential oil works: Promotes skin health in women by preventing breakdown of collagen, which in turn helps delay and prevent the appearance of wrinkles

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Rose essential oil safety: relatively safe with a low level of skin irritation when diluted with a carrier oil and used as directed

#3. Carrot Seed Essential Oil   This amazing essential oil is chock-full of powerful anti-oxidants that prevent the signs carrot-seedof aging from appearing. One of my favorite rejuvenation oils in nature’s arsenal

How Carrot essential oil works: derived from the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant, the oil nourishes, tightens, and rejuvenates skin

How to Get: my highest-rated pure Carrot Seed skincare oil HERE

Carrot essential oil safety: Important: not to be used by pregnant women, as there may some concerns there. This restriction also applies to individuals with a history of epilepsy (if you or someone you love has epilepsy, do not use essential oils in general, as they can trigger over-stimulation. If in doubt, perform skin-patch test)

ess oil combo blend 1

Carrot Wrinkle Buster Blend: Add 4-drops Carrot Seed, 2-drops Lavender, 2-drops Rose Geranium and 2-drops Sweet Orange oils to 30-40 drops Grapeseed oil (as a carrier oil) and use as an anti-wrinkle treatment for face, neck and hands. Good for day or night-time use, this blend enables the benefits of Carrot Seed oil to come through, while the other complementary oils further boost effectiveness.

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#2. Frankincense Essential Oil   Highly valued for its rarity and anti-aging properties throughout the ages. Minimizes Frankincenseage spots and helps to tighten sagging skin.

How Frankincense oil works: This fragrant natural resin extracted from tree bark is transformed into an essential oil that promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. Anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic

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Frankincense essential oil safety: relatively safe with a low level of skin irritation when diluted with a carrier oil and used as directed

#1. Rose Geranium Essential Oil   Geranium oil is one of the all-time, proven favorites for anti-aging skin care age 35+. The geranium-oilwonderful scent and powerful elements in Geranium make it my first “go-to” oil, whenever shower 1_75anyone asks me for a recommendation.

How Rose Geranium oil works: helps eliminate appearance of dark spots by increasing blood circulation just below the surface of the skin, while promoting equal distribution of melanin. Geranium oil also has astringent and tightening qualities for skin care – which can be a real benefit for sagging or wrinkled skin.

How to Get: my highest-rated pure Rose Geranium skincare oil HERE

Geranium Essential Oil Safety: Geranium oil is relatively safe and can work as both; a relaxant & stimulant for the brain. Those with skin sensitivities may experience certain side effects – so be sure to do a skin patch test first if you have sensitive skin

ess oil combo blend 1

Stress-Buster Bath Blend: 4-drops Rose Geranium oil, 4-drops Bergamot oil and 2-drops Vetiver oil Add to a warm bath and disperse well – or blend with 1 Tblsp Grapeseed oil and add to a warm bath. Soak in the bath for 15-20 minutes, inhaling the amazingly relaxing vapors while the oils gently work on your skin.

Please be sure to always dilute any essential oil with a carrier oil, before you use it on your skin.

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