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diluteWe’re often asked; “what’s a ‘Carrier oil’?” While they may seem mysterious, carrier oils are definitely needed when using essential oils for skin care. Why?

Essential oils are strong. And they need to be diluted before they can be safely applied to your skin. In this short article we show you how to dilute carrier oils, types of carrier oils available and additional resources to help you use essential oils safely on your skin.

Step 1. Please download our ‘How to use Essential Oils’ PDF (left-hand side), containing info on how to properly dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. You can click the image at right to download the PDF;

Step 2. See an example of how to dilute Frankincense oil for skin care, CLICK HERE for VIDEO

Step 3. Read below for more info on carrier oils and how to use them…

If you don’t dilute essential oils before using them, you may damage or burn your skin. This, due to the power & concentration of natural components inside the essential oils themselves (after all, essential oils are ‘essences’ of the raw plant, tree or fruit).


shower 1_75The recommended ratio when using essential oils for skin care is; no more than 3 parts carrier oil, to 1 part essential oil (and perhaps even more dilution depending on your skin and the essential oil you’re using).

You must then mix the carrier and essential oils together thoroughly, to ensure they are well blended. Our PDF guidance sheet at top-left of this page shows you how.

Storage: Carrier oils should be stored away from light and heat to ensure their freshness. Adding Jojoba oil as 10% of your carrier oil can help extend the shelf life of your blend. Vitamin E oil (which is an excellent anti-oxidant) will often help extend the life of most oils and blends. Make oil blends in small batches that can be used within a short period (days or one week). Your carrier oils, essential oils and blends can be stored in the refrigerator for extended shelf life.

What if I experience skin discomfort or irritation? Stop using the essential oil and apply carrier oil (only) to the affected area. Do not use water in an attempt to flush the oil off skin (as this may increase discomfort). If a rash occurs (this may be a sign of detoxification) drink adequate water to encourage the release and removal of body toxins. Consider discontinuation of any essential or carrier oil if a reaction occurs.



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