Copaiba Essential Oil – Nature’s ‘Power-Plus’ Pain Reliever

//Copaiba Essential Oil – Nature’s ‘Power-Plus’ Pain Reliever
Copaiba Essential Oil – Nature’s ‘Power-Plus’ Pain Reliever 2018-12-28T05:55:46-04:00
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copaibaCOPAIBA Essential Oil – Nature’s ‘Power-Plus’ Pain Reliever

Marie Cooper, Essential Oils
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Have you ever had toothache, but it was late at night and all the dentists were closed? Perhaps you used a remedy your mother showed you when you were younger – chewing on a whole clove. And it worked, right?

Well, turns out that advice from your mother was pretty smart. Read on to find out why, because today I’m going to reveal to you a waaaaay more powerful essential oil… with many times more pain-relieving power than cloves.

It’s called COPAIBA [co-pie-eeba] essential oil. This amazing natural remedy has been called part of the ‘Morphine Bomb‘ natural pain relief formula (explained below). Here’s how it works;

According to Wikipedia, Copaiba essential oil contains Caryophyllene. This has the same pain-relieving properties as well-known pain and stress-relievers as; Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana, Cloves, Hops (used to make beer), Basil, Oregano, Black pepper, Lavender, Rosemary and True Cinnamon.

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Except Copaiba has the most Caryophyllene of any of those somewhat better-known pain relievers.

What is Caryophyllene? Caryophyllene is one of the chemical compounds that contributes to the spiciness of black pepper. Beta-caryophyllene was shown to be a selective agonist of cannabinoid receptor type-2 (CB2) and to exert significant cannabimimetic antiinflammatory effects. It is also has neuroprotective, antidepressant and anti-alcoholism activity. Because the widespread plant natural product beta-caryophyllene is an FDA approved food additive and is the first dietary cannabinoid. [source: Wikipedia – Caryophyllene]

In a nutshell, this means because of its extremely high Caryophyllene content, COPAIBA oil has the capacity to block pain receptors from passing on pain signals to your body. Better than almost anything else. Thereby giving you relief from pain you may be feeling when you place the oil in that area. For example; back ache, neck ache, headache, tingling, sore feet, sore legs, and much, much more.

Much of what ails us in today’s world is caused by inflammation in our bodies. Copaiba essential oil is the one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients on our beautiful planet. Unique in composition, it has scores of micro-nutrients and properties. Copaiba oil’s most prominent application is in reducing pain and inflammation anywhere on and in the body.

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Copaiba oil comes from trees commonly found in Amazon rain forest. Copaiba has been used by native people in South America for centuries. These trees have tall trunks that secrete a sticky, viscous liquid (called oleoresin). This transparent resin is then used to extract Copaiba essential oil (using a steam distillation process).

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What is the Essential Oil Morphine Bomb Formula?

The Morphine Bomb Formula (Morphine also works by blocking your pain receptors) is made up of these three essential oils (shown below). Each working their own particular form of magic and combining to cause a powerful, natural pain relief solution that actually works. Relied upon by thousands to get them through a day otherwise filled with physical pain, this proven formula is made up of these three essential oils (you can click each link for details);

COPAIBA OIL + BALSAM FIR OIL + FRANKINCENSE OIL = the ‘Morphine Bomb’ for natural pain relief

615QuGhHEmL._SY679_The essential oil Morphine Bomb is a combination of the three pain relieving and restorative essential oils, above. The oils above work together… to gently & effectively provide pain relief. And to assist your body in its natural response to pain and injury. Give them a try this week.

Please check out the links above for oils. Then select our info sources below for more, natural health & pain relief solutions. Start by clicking on the link below matching ailments you may need more info about;

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