VIDEO: How to Use 3D ‘Curved’ Ultrasonic Wave Therapy with Natural Skincare

//VIDEO: How to Use 3D ‘Curved’ Ultrasonic Wave Therapy with Natural Skincare
VIDEO: How to Use 3D ‘Curved’ Ultrasonic Wave Therapy with Natural Skincare 2017-04-03T12:30:44-04:00
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VIDEO: New skincare therapy uses 3D ‘curved’ ultrasonic waves; gently deep-cleans your face in seconds (for essential oils & other natural treatments)

Dermatologists and professional cosmeticians use ultrasound for many advanced skin care treatments, including dermal deep-cleansing, diagnostics, skin repair and more. Why?

Because ultrasonic waves are proven-effective for skin care (see VIDEO below). That’s why new advances in 3D ultrasonic technology have recently come out of the lab and into your home; for convenient use in the shower or by your washbasin. All it takes is two, gentle 60-second treatments a day. Best of all, unlike many of today’s ultrasonic cleansing devices, this new technology requires NO expensive replacement brush heads, ever. This new device (available today) even cleans itself, every time you use it!

VIDEO: Our Faces are not Flat… so why is Your Existing Face Brush Flat?   The new video below shows you benefits of this new Perfect Curve skincare device with 3D technology – automatically adjusting to your own, personal face shape… no matter how you hold it. And how you can use the 14-mode Perfect Curve device with your favorite cleanser, essential oils – almost any skin preparation you desire enhanced results with;

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Why Use ‘Curved’ Ultrasonic Therapy?   Your skin is unique. Your face-shape is unique. Our faces are not flat. So, the Perfect Curve is designed to automatically fit the shape of your face’s nooks and crannies, no matter how you hold it. Swiss-Ultimate Labs achieved this by using special 3D computer technologies to produce hundreds of complex, interlinked curves. Then they produced an advanced mold to generate special 3D curved surfaces on both sides of the device. No matter how you hold it, the Perfect Curve’s thousands of tiny organic silicone touch points make perfect contact with your skin – for maximum, gentle cleansing in the shortest possible time.

The new Perfect Curve ultrasonic facial cleansing brush from natural skincare research company Swiss-Ultimate Labs, helps you see benefits in days with just 60-seconds of use morning and evening, with no expensive, dirty brush heads or batteries to replace, ever. The Perfect Curve has 14 selectable operating modes – so you can choose from a range of treatments, from ultra-gentle massage to ultra-fast deep cleaning.

Pro-Aging Skin Treatment   The Perfect Curve improves appearance of mature skin, because your skin can’t be healthy unless it’s clean. As we age, our skin gets thinner in some areas (under the eyes, for example) and thicker in others. You need a skincare device that automatically adjusts to these areas so they receive the perfect level of pressure and treatment. Improved circulation under your skin, from the ultrasonic massage, adds to pro-aging benefits.

Improved Skin Radiance   Most users report more radiant/glowing skin after just two weeks of use. The Perfect Curve uses gentle technology to remove makeup, dirt, facial oils and more. You can use your handy device at home or while traveling because it easily fits in any makeup or travel bag.

Cleanse Sensitive Skin, Gently   Gentle for daily use, the Perfect Curve cleanses without disrupting your skin’s natural barrier. With 14 operating modes, you are guaranteed to find a mode to suit your skin, even if you’ve had problems before with skin irritation.

Helps Reduce Large Pores   Using the Perfect Curve reduces the appearance of pores, because large pores are the result of oil ‘plugs’ that need to first be removed, then prevented. Our device gently performs both these functions using your favorite cleanser.

Oily Skin is Helped with Perfect Curve Technology   Deep pore cleansing with the Perfect Curve ultrasonic brush reduces oily skin appearance naturally. Use in the shower and at night to get your skin deep-down clean, ready for your day with a non-shiny appearance

Acne Treatment: Gently Helps Prevent Pimples Before they Start   Acne starts when pores become blocked. Prevent the pore blockage in the first place, as the Swiss-Ultimate Perfect Curve gently cleanses deep-down into your skin’s pores, extracting the oils and dirt that can plug pores and cause pimples.

Uneven Skin Tone Reduced   Most of us have a mix of drier and more oily patches on our face, resulting in uneven tone and texture. The Perfect Curve brush helps to even-out dry and oily patches, resulting in improved all-over skin tone.

Skin Brightness Enhanced   After you’ve finished cleansing your skin with the Perfect Curve, you can use special recommended infusions to create firmer, brighter, more hydrated skin. You can use this amazing device with your favorite hydrator, moisturizer, essential oil blend and many more treatments.

No Replacement Brush Heads or Batteries, Ever   The Perfect Curve has no batteries or expensive brush heads to replace, ever. It cleans itself while you use it! Rechargeable batteries last for weeks of regular use, before needing a quick, 1 hour charge, using the included fast USB charging cable.

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Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essential oils and devices from Swiss-Ultimate Labs are not intended to treat any disease. For cosmetic use only. Comparison and other images are for illustration only. Please refer to our FDA cosmetic statement link on this page and website.


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