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Now you can get these 3 proven healthy skin benefits with exfoliation & herbs in the shower every day – with almost zero effort, using new skin tech for women 30+

Making your own herbal face or body wash is surprisingly easy (see recipe below). But there’s a small problem with using most herbal/organic formulas; because they tend to avoid harsh, commercial chemical soap ingredients that reliably break through oily layers of makeup, body oils & dirt we all have – organics often need help to foam up, and deliver a truly deep-down clean. The solution is to boost performance of natural skin washes, using gentle exfoliation. We’ve included a number of handy links below to our favorite organic face & body wash recipes. First, how and why should we exfoliate?

While many have heard the benefits of facial exfoliation, fewer have taken active steps to make it happen. That’s changing; new & easy-to-use technologies are here. What’s more, prices of sophisticated exfoliating devices have come down. Now you can get benefits only the rich and famous have enjoyed for years – and push back against some of the signs of aging, without breaking the bank. Here we show three easy options for you to consider, ranging from sophisticated ultrasonic devices, to low-tech scrubs;

Why Should Women 30+ Exfoliate?  As we get older, our skin can thicken in some areas and have uneven texture. This can make it harder to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and oils. Without exfoliation, this layer of grime builds up, causing; blackheads, pimples, puffiness and uneven skin tone. Exfoliation helps by softening and toning your skin, while unplugging pores. This helps give you a younger, fresher appearance.

What’s more, because gentle exfoliation cleanses your skin deep-down, it means whatever herbal or other treatment you use on your face afterwards, will go much deeper (because your pores are deep-down clean).

Some of the more sophisticated silicone brush devices have multi-mode massage features, which helps to increase blood flow, help lymphatic drainage (thereby reducing facial puffiness).

Three Easy Ways for Women 30+ to Exfoliate Here there are three main ways to start getting the benefits of facial exfoliation, without breaking the bank;

1. Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush  These new devices are popular because they offer a gentle exfoliation, but without the damage that can come from using harsher physical scrubs containing sharp, grinding particles. These are recommended by many dermatologists. These gentle, high-tech devices (made from medical-grade organic silicone – sourced from silica –sand) have thousands of tiny silicone massage points contacting your skin at every angle while vibrating at thousands of beats per minute.

One of our favorite devices designed for women 30+ is the Perfect Curve ultrasonic facial brush, designed to automatically fit the shape of a woman’s facial nooks and crannies, no matter how you hold it.

Priced around $25.87, this palm-sized USB-rechargeable device was designed in Europe using special 3D computer technologies which scanned women’s faces to produce hundreds of complex, interlinked curves. Then natural skincare research company Swiss-Ultimate Labs then produced an advanced mold based on women’s facial shapes to generate special 3D curved surfaces on both sides of the device. No matter how you hold it, the Perfect Curve’s thousands of tiny organic silicone touch points make perfect contact with your skin and face shape. You get maximum, gentle cleansing in minimum time. USB-rechargeable and no batteries to replace.

This waterproof device (available in purple & black) is designed for use in shower and has 14 selectable operating modes – so you can choose from a range of massage treatments, from ultra-gentle massage to ultra-fast deep cleaning. Swiss-Ultimate is also giving away 2 free gifts for my readers in April, with each ultrasonic brush. CHECK OUT the Perfect Curve HERE

2. Scrubs & Grit Here we’re talking about liquid or gel treatments containing particles that mechanically abrade your skin. While these treatments are often inexpensive, there are some concerns about damage to the skin due to the sharp edges of the scrub particles, which are typically apricot or walnut shell-based or plastic beads (which are not good for the environment).

If you choose this option for exfoliation, be careful to use only 2-3 times a week and don’t push too hard. Options here range from cheap to pricey. At the low end, St. Ives Invigorating Apricot scrub is a popular option.

At the higher-end, TheraTree Exfoliating Scrub with pumice and tea-tree oil & mint is a popular choice.

Now you can get these 3 proven healthy skin benefits with exfoliation & herbs in the shower every day - with almost zero effort, using new skin tech for women 30+ Making your own herbal face or body wash is surprisingly easy (see recipe below). But there's a small problem with using most herbal/

 Click here for more info on ultrasonic facial treatments for exfoliation

3. Ultrasonic Bristle Facial Cleansing Brush  These ultrasonic bristle devices are typically a little pricier than the silicone brush options. You’ll also have to be prepared to put in a little maintenance work to the brush itself, as soap and skin residue can accumulate within the brush bristles and between the device and brush. These bristle brush heads also require require regular replacement every few months.

One option to consider is the Clarisonic Mia Fit face brush. Priced around $219 it’s on the pricey-side. Plus there’s maintenance as you’ll have to buy regular brush head replacements every few months, at around $20 each, so factor those costs into your calculations.

Next Steps  Try one of these exfoliation methods in the shower with an organic sea salt body wash you can make at home. It has these ingredients;

Basic Body Wash Recipe

  • 1 part organic Castille soap
  • 1 part water based ingredient(s) such as Aloe Vera Gel, and/or organic Hydrosols.
  • 1 Tbsp (per 8 oz) of your favorite organic moisturizing oil such as Argan, Kukui, or Jojoba oils *infuse with dried herbs for added benefits
  • 20 drops of organic essential oils

See the full organic sea salt body wash recipe guide here

Once out the shower, follow-up with a herbal healing balm or salve. You can also apply a herbal or essential oil-based skin moisturizing treatment to your face – it will be far more effective once your skin is deep-down clean from one of the exfoliation methods I’ve mentioned above.

There’s no longer any reason for a women 30+ to live with a layer of perma-grime on your face. With one of the recommended options above, any woman can have a fresher, more healthy appearance and push back against some signs of aging. You can choose from; the high-tech, low-cost ultrasonic silicone brush for option, which offers the gentlest combination of performance and price; a more basic scrub – without the tech; or a higher-priced ultrasonic “bristle” brush. Whichever method you choose, the sooner you get started on the road to exfoliation, the better your skin will look & feel. Our experience shows others will notice a big difference, with just a very small amount of effort on your part while you let your chosen machine work on autopilot – or other method.

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