Why moisturizer is more important than we realize for preventing COVID-19

Dry, cracked hands can put you more at risk for COVID-19, as well as other viruses and bacteria. Medical specialists advise that soaps and disinfectants don’t work as well on dry, cracked skin. This reason, for one, is motivation enough to moisturize more often. Not the only reason, though…

When the skin on your hands is cracked & dry, your skin’s natural protection barrier is broken. Although viruses are much more likely to enter through your respiratory system, broken skin leaves you more susceptible to bacteria. This could mean viruses such as Corona, could enter your system (also, any microbe could) …

There’s also one more reason why dry, cracked hands could increase your risk of COVID-19. This one is to do with the way we tend to think;

If your hands are somewhat painful & dry, you won’t want to wash them… even when you know you probably should. The thought of running dry, aching hands through another round of soap & water can be just too irritating. But washing your hands less frequently could put you at risk of catching COVID-19.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem — moisturizer. And this next part, below, reveals a new, advanced mosturizer from California;

Infographic: How to use essential oils and plant-based ingredients to help keep aging skin cells ‘plump’

Here below is Part 1 of an interesting infographic on the science behind aging skin cells. To see what can be done about this, using plant-based ingredients, essential oils and high-tech, please CLICK HERE for PART 2


To see what can be done to help this, using plant-based moisturizer ingredients, essential oils and high-tech, please CLICK HERE for PART 2






Source: The Science Behind Aging Skin Cells – Brought to you byNewBeauty.com