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Why is Water Purity is So Important for Women’s Skin?

Marie Cooper, Essential Oils
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Throughout the day, women lose a lot of water (through perspiration, saliva and more). And so this element, vital for your well being, needs to be regularly replaced. Clean, pure water is one of the most important things you need for optimal clear & healthy skin, as well as general female health. Unfortunately, according to recent US government research, our water may contain; pharmaceuticals, drugs and other strange chemicals have the potential to turn women more “manly” (because of estrogen disruption), men more feminine, and affect other female/male hormonesweird, right?

What’s more, these potentially harmful contaminants affecting skin & health appear in a surprisingly large number of US states’ tap water… AND worse… these chemicals also often appear in bottled water from the source, or else gradually leech into the water from bottle plastic (read on for more details and what you to do about this).

drinkingwaterpipe2a This is a drinking water pipe, same as found on thousands of American streets. A result of poor water treatment and a failure to maintain. Water utilities are routinely pressured to cut corners and do things on the cheap…just getting by. This is often not the fault of the water operators…these are political decisions in many cases. The time has come to pay the piper…and it’s not going to be easy.

Why are these unnatural chemicals classed as “gender-bending” by scientists? Because they can disrupt your body’s endocrine system and skin condition. Part of your system that directly affects sex hormones in both women and men. A partial list of the resulting health problems is provided below. It gets worse; the problem appears to be getting more widespread – with a significant portion of today’s drinking water in the United States affected.

Whether you drink water from the tap, or bottled water of some kind – the latest research from government sources reveals a large portion of water ingested daily, has things in it you probably rather not be drinking.

Fortunately for us, there are easy inexpensive solutions to this problemyou just have to know what to do. And below you can see in the videos below the latest, low-cost fix, produced by the latest filtration research. By watching this new video (links also below) you can discover more about the problem in your state and what to do about it.

     video1 video2

This video shows some of the hazards (click above to watch)

This video shows state info (click above to watch)


Sadly, most tap water is far from pure. Bottled water is often no safer, because while filtration may be better, chemicals from the plastic bottle can leach into the water itself. Both tap and bottled water have been found to contain a vast array of things you’d rather not be drinking every day, including;

Radiation, heavy metals, disinfection remnants, harmful chemicals, and even more weirdly, pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are of particular concern to both, men and women and are introduced into the water supply from sources such as; urine excreted from people who have taken the drugs and from individuals, drug stores and companies dumping their unwanted or expired pills and capsules into the sewer system.

These can all find their way into your body (and skin) without you knowing or even suspecting. Worryingly, the problem appears to be getting worse. If male fish in the water supply are being turned into females, what is your water doing to you?

One of the most recent and effective solutions (according to government lab tests) is the development of a special filtering device you can easily use in your home, to remove unwanted chemicals from the water you drink, every day. These special, high-tech filters work in a handy dispenser so you don’t have to worry about complicated pipe fitting or electrical gizmos. According to government labs, they work to reduce, and in many cases completely eliminate harmful contaminants in your drinking water.

And according to US government research

[you can download government water test results PDF here] these filters do in fact dramatically increase the quality of your drinking water.

Fluoride, which is still being added to many municipal water supplies is another factor that can make the water you drink harmful, rather than healing. Fluoride added to water supplies may contain arsenic – which is a known cancer-causing agent. In government studies, contaminants in drinking water have been linked to; increased cholesterol, skin conditions, infertility, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, cancer, immune system damage and more.

What to do? If you’re concerned about this growing health issue, you can visit this link to view a video on what to do to make your drinking water safe.



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