3-Amazing Natural Healing Clay Benefits + Free Recipe Cards

//3-Amazing Natural Healing Clay Benefits + Free Recipe Cards
3-Amazing Natural Healing Clay Benefits + Free Recipe Cards 2016-12-03T02:30:08-04:00
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marie_hd1a3-Amazing Natural Healing Clay Benefits (recipes + 1-simple tip makes clay facial treatments more effective)

Here in this new post and healing clay treatment videos I’m revealing how to; combine naturalclay1 essential oils, healing clays and a new ultrasonic cleansing device to make an effective, personalized natural combination treatment that’s hard to beat. I also have four special FREE, printable healing clay recipe cards for you (scroll half-way down this page for the FREE recipe card download link below the video – no email needed).

Even better; details below on how you can get both; clay and essential oil treatments FREE today with a special Amazon promotional coupon code – so you can try these clays at home, yourself. Read on for how to get these popular and effective natural treatments working for you today.

Have you heard about the growing popularity of natural healing clays? Clay treatments such as “Aztec Indian Healing Clay,” “Dead Sea Mud Mask” and other such natural treatments sold on Amazon (as well as other sites, such as Etsy and Wal-Mart) are hugely popular. Why?

Natural clay contains a number of potent minerals, vitamins and active elements. These can be extremely beneficial for your skin; calming, soothing, stimulating, toning, hydrating, deep-cleansing (drawing) and more. By adding ingredients such as essential oils, aloe, apple-cider vinegar, yogurt, green tea, honey (or almost any liquid you can image) you can easily tailor your clay treatment to your own personal needs. Their customization potential is where their power resides.

clay_selection1aThis growing movement has to do with the growing concern about chemicals in our cosmetics and other treatments we put on our faces. Healing clay treatments are one way to ensure you have control over what’s going on. How do healing clays work, and how should you use them for best effects? Bentonite is a swelling clay. When mixed with water it rapidly swells openchart like a highly porous sponge. From here the toxins are drawn into the mask ‘sponge’ through electrical attraction and once there, they toxins are bound and you simply wash them off.

This video below gives you the basics on how to mix clay powders (never use a metal bowl). This video uses a clay and cider vinegar formula for acne, but you can use these masks for pro-aging, deep cleansing, moisturizing and more. It all depends on what clay type, liquid and essential oils you choose to add to your recipe.

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Healing clay varieties & benefits (plus how to make them even more effective)

There are three main types of clays used in facial treatments, along with the benefits of each;recipe_card_ada

  • Bentonite [volcanic] clay (used in Aztec Indian Healing Clay) – naturally non-toxic, highly absorbent, soft and good for absorbing impurities from the skin, drawing impurities deep out of pores – used in pro-aging treatments prior to applying essential oils. Bentonite clays use gentle electrical charge to draw out impurities from deep beneath your skin
  • Kaolin clay [extracted from earth in warmer climates] for use on the most sensitive skin types, Kaolin stimulates circulation while gently exfoliating, but will not draw impurities from the skin to a large degree – so is suitable for dry skin and pro-aging treatments, and
  • Ocean clay [derived from ocean sediments] rich in minerals found at the bottom of the ocean – sea and ocean clays are typically gentle and suitable for all skin types, positive for pro-aging because they enhance natural skin-balance


How to make any healing clay treatment more effective

To get any of these clay treatments to work their best, then need to go deep. The best way to do this is with one of the new, organic silicone ultrasonic cleansing brushes. This ultrasonic cleansing brush can be used to prepare your skin for the the clay and also to remove it. The ultrasonic action causes the beneficial elements of the clay to go deeper than possible before (where they can do the most good). To read more about ultrasonic cleansing brushes and how they can be more effective and hygienic than bristle-brushes, read more on ultrasonic cleansing brush treatments HERE. Then return to this page, because you’re likely going to want to take advantage of this offer today, where you get two FREE clay treatments with your ultrasonic brush, as well as a FREE essential oil you can use with your clay.

Using the coupon code below on Amazon (limited quantity available) when you order a Swiss-Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleansing Facial Brush, which already comes with a free essential oil, gets you an additional gift of two FREE natural clay treatments to use with your device;

  • one high-tech Swiss-Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush
  • one geranium, frankincense or ylang-ylang essential oil (8mL bottle, suitable for ten treatments)
  • one natural Bentonite clay facial treatment package (1oz-2oz pack), and
  • one natural Ocean clay facial treatment package (1oz-2oz pack)

CLICK HERE to order your Ultrasonic Cleansing Facial Brush on Shopify and remember to use Amazon promotional gift coupon code: HEALING5 during checkout to get your two FREE healing clay sample packs in addition to the FREE essential oil.

How to use your Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush, mix clay, add essential oils & other chosen liquids to your personal clay recipe

STEP 1. Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser and your Ultrasonic Brush (if you want to see videos demonstrating benefits of the Ultrasonic Brush over traditional ultrasonic bristle-brushes CLICK HERE to see organic silicone/bristle brush comparison report then please come back to this page)bowl

STEP 2. Mix the clay in a non-metal bowl (metal bowls to be avoided because it affects the static micro-electric charge of clays – beneficial in drawing-out impurities)

STEP 3. Apply the wet clay mixture, containing essential oils and/or your other chosen ingredients, with your brush or fingers

STEP 4. Wait until the healing clay is dry (at least 20 minutes – 40 minutes is better if you have time) then moisten and remove clay using your Ultrasonic Brush and warm water

STEP 5. Moisturize and protect your skin with your chosen essential oil blend (diluted with a carrier oil), cream or serum (you can also apply oils, creams and serums with your Ultrasonic Brush to get them to go deeper, where they can do the most good)

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Here’s what you get when you order your Ultrasonic Cleansing Facial Brush today and use Amazon promotional code HEALING5 during checkout;

CLICK HERE to order your Ultrasonic Cleansing Facial Brush on Shopify and remember to use Amazon promotional gift code: HEALING5 during checkout to get your two FREE healing clay sample packs in addition to the FREE essential oil.

Please give natural clay treatments a try with your Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush and let me know how it goes!


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