Get 89% OFF Swiss-Ultimate Handy Ultrasonic Facial Brush

//Get 89% OFF Swiss-Ultimate Handy Ultrasonic Facial Brush
Get 89% OFF Swiss-Ultimate Handy Ultrasonic Facial Brush 2016-12-03T02:30:08-04:00
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marie_hd1aGet 89% OFF our Swiss Ultimate Handy Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush on Amazon Today (plus special report on ‘Bristles’ vs. ‘Touch Point’ devices)

Good news if you like saving money on advanced skin care treatments! This month, June 2016 I’m making a series of over 100, high-value Amazon coupon codes doctor_certified2aavailable to my special Swiss-Ultimate readers like you. This batch today is for our Swiss-Ultimate Handy Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush – a truly-amazing, high-tech ultrasonic skincare device like no other – with thousands of gentle massage points made of medical-grade silicone (for deep-down pore cleansing).

To see our special report & videos on Ultrasonic ‘Bristle’ devices vs. Ultrasonic ‘Touch Point” devices and how they perform vs. cost CLICK HERE


These USB-rechargeable (no batteries to replace!) devices are becoming VERY popular on Amazon and elsewhere. Competing devices can cost literally hundreds of dollars. Today, you can be the FIRST among your friends & family to get one at an amazing low price. This ultrasonic facial brush works great for promoting healthy skin, ready to use essential oils or other treatments. Please don’t share your personal discount code with anyone else – these Amazon codes are one-time use only so if you share your personal code with someone else, you won’t be able to use it yourself – and that would be a real shame (shipping is FREE in the USA for these Amazon orders, by the way).

Why are we doing this? We need women and men ages 35+ to try this new Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush device of ours – and leave an honest Amazon review for the device and treatment. So others can know how it works and what results folks like you are getting. The Swiss-Ultimate Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush helps make all cleansers, soaps, essential oils, creams and serums more effective because it helps make all your treatments go deeper – where they can do the most good. Use it both, in and out the shower! You can see our regular Amazon listing and price *without* the coupon, live on Amazon here.

It’s important you take advantage of the below discount offer ONLY if you are truly willing to take a few moments to leave an Amazon product review (rather than a review of our shipping or packaging) a week or two after your device arrives.

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pink3aYou see, promotions like these cost us quite a bit of cashola here at Swiss-Ultimate Labs, so I really need a few special women to take this Amazon review seriously – and leave an honest product review on Amazon. I’m truly relying on my reader friends like you, here. And if you are willing to do this small favor for me, please read on for what to do next;

coupon-75Here’s what you get for 89% off the regular price of $25.87 (which works out to around $2.59 or so) you can see that much higher price live on Amazon now, click here to see the regular Amazon price others are paying if you don’t believe me…

  • a brand-new Swiss-Ultimate Handy Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush device (new in box) for less than three bucks…
  • free natural essential oil to use with your device (frankincense or patchouli)…
  • free shipping in the USA…

Please CLICK HERE now to collect your personal Amazon coupon code – as long as you commit to leaving us a fair product review on Amazon, a week or two after receiving your device, when Amazon sends you a Product Review request.

What’s the catch? There’s no catch – we need genuine reviews of this new product so other women on Amazon can read about your experiences. There’s no following charges or anything – this is Amazon we’re talking about here.

Talk soon, and let’s remember; we’re all in this together!


P.S. please go here to get your Amazon coupon to get started with your own, personal Amazon single-use coupon code. You’ll see on the special Amazon coupon code page what to do next. As long as you’re willing to leave an honest Amazon review, you can go ahead and collect your Amazon coupon now, at the link above.

Have a question or comment? Please leave a comment below and I promise I’ll reply to you!

This offer is not sponsored by Facebook or Amazon. Please refer to Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies at top-right of our site if you need any details on those things (there’s no catch).




Read Later - DOWNLOAD this POST as PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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