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Do this ‘simple-something’ 5-minutes before you sleep… for 3 powerful, natural next-day women’s wellness benefits

The last 5-minutes before you go to sleep, are the most important 5-minutes of your day. You are free to use these 5 minutes in any way you choose, of course. So why not try this? I came across this ‘5-minutes to better & more relaxing sleep’ technique online and have been trying it. It’s working so well for me, I wanted to share this with you.

Refuse to go to sleep being upset or disturbed about anything, regardless of how momentous it may appear to be in your life. Here’s how:

This simple, 5-minute natural wellness technique is from Dr Wayne Dyer (along with this powerful mind tip he shared, I also sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow for better sleep). The improvement in how I feel when I wake up has been quite surprising.

Putting the power of your subconscious to work  According to studies, our subconscious mind represents up to 90% of all our thoughts. Our subconscious is also very powerful. And we can use this power to our advantage. And our subconscious likes it best, when we are ‘unconscious’… in other words, when we’re asleep.

While this may sound a little too, ‘woo-woo’ or ‘out-there’, each one of us can take advantage of this fast method, to easily ‘program’ our minds for better health & greater success (almost without effort).

What most of us do (but shouldn’t)  What many of us tend to do in the last few minutes before we go to sleep, is review all the bad things that happened to us during the day; what went wrong and how our life is not how we wish it was (I used to suffer from this before using this new 5-minute technique). However, there’s a simple process we can all practice in the last five minutes of our day (before you enter your sleep state) because these are the most important five minutes of all.

5-minutes to wellness, instead…  Here’s what to do, according to Dr Dyer; in this brief portion of your day, you’re going to tell your subconscious mind how you feel – and what wishes you desire to fulfill, upon awakening from your deep slumber.

Says Dr Dyer; your subconscious mind cannot make a distinction between what you are feeling as a result of all that happens to you throughout your waking hours, or what you feel as a result of what you are imagining for yourself as having already transpired while you are in bed preparing to doze off to sleep.

So this is what you must ask yourself as you get closer and closer to dropping off into the unconsciousness of sleep — If my wishes were realized how would it feel right here right now in my body? Stay with that thought until you begin to feel your body shift into what that feels like. This is not an empty exercise — it is a programming tool for re-teaching your subconscious mind to act on what you intend to manifest, rather than on what you are worried, angry, or fearful about.

What to say to yourself…  As you lie in bed, affirm: I am perfect health — then notice how that feels in your body. At first you will be calling upon your ego. An inner voice may say, ‘this is silly, I am sick, I am sore, I am dying, and I am only fooling myself.’ So simply dismiss these ‘mind viruses’ and conditioned memes, since you are free to use these five minutes in any way you choose.

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After a little practice, you will find this impacts how you are feeling. Immediately check in with your body to feel the shift from fear and anxiety to peace, love, and contentment. Sensations of worry and pain slowly dissolve as you assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and it is at this point that you allow yourself to drop off to sleep.

More, handy uses  You can also program your subconscious for other things you desire, other than health. For example, more academic success, better family relationships, greater success at work. Use these precious pre-sleep moments to assume the feeling in your body of whatever wishes you desire as already fulfilled.

Refuse to go to sleep being upset or disturbed about anything, regardless of how momentous it may appear to be in your life. Give this a try. Like me, I believe you’ll wake up with a much more positive outlook, leading to better health & greater success.

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Article source & attribution: Dr Dwyer

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