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 marie_hd2a7-Essential Health Benefits of ‘VFC+‘ (Veg-Fruit-Combo Plus) Juicing

In this article I’ll reveal seven demonstrated health & skin care benefits from natural juices, especially for women and men 35+. And a much easier way than ever before to obtain (great-tasting) special natural juice combinations. All without high-calories and no high fruit-sugar (fructose) concerns. Some special juices work better to help protect women – I’ll show you those below. All without spending a lot of time in the kitchen slaving over a juice-blender (makes my back hurt and likely yours as well).


Almost every health reference you’ll find – from government (Surgeon General, National Institutes of Health) to Mayo Clinic – right down to your local doctor, recommend 6-8 servings of vegetables & fruits each day for optimum health. Very few (if any) come even close to meeting this simple recommendation. Why?

3-Ways Juices can Help Women Especially  Certain juices help women’s health more than men (especially vegetable juices kale, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage) as they have been shown to aid in preventing breast cancer. Others help balance hormone levels in women (reducing hot flashes) and reduce urinary tract infections.


Below, you’ll see the mistake many women are making by including certain high-fructose (high sugar) fruits in their juices. In so-doing, they sabotage many health benefits of juicing (it’s easy to avoid making the mistake – see below).

 7-Essential Health Benefits of 'VFC+' (Veg-Fruit-Combo Plus) Juicing In this article I'll reveal seven demonstrated health & skin care benefits from natural juices, especially for women and men 35+. And a much easier way than ever before to obtain (great-tasting) special natural juice combinati

Still Making Juice the Hard Way?  Cooking foods destroys micro-nutrients in our meals by altering both, their shape and composition. Ideally, we would avoid all processed foods and eat only raw, organic fruits & vegetables. Problems with juicing the ‘old’ way using a blender or squeezer;

  • Eating raw fruits and vegetables, alone, is…well… boorrrrring!  We all need to liven our juices up with some new & natural ingredients (see below)
  • Preparing vegetables and fruits in the kitchen is time-consuming and not really something many of us can contemplate doing each and every day
  • 8 servings a day? That means fruit & veg intake every two hours or so. Who has time for that?
  • Many women make the mistake of drinking gallons of fruit juices alone typically high in sugar – although natural, fructose is still a sugar high in calories when they should be focusing on vegetables for juice (adding a few, low-fructose fruits is ok)

Why are Juice Health Benefits so Potent?  There has to be a better way to get the juice you need as a woman (and thankfully there is, shown further down this page). It’s no surprise drinking juice can produce rapid & profound skin and other health benefits for women 35+. Because drinking live juice has been compared to receiving an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These vital health elements work quickly because they go straight into your body without any need for them to be broken down.

7-Benefits of Juicing for Women + Men

Boosts your immune system. Raw juice has been demonstrated to ‘supercharge’ your immune system with concentrated phytochemicals and biophotonic light energy (which has been shown aid revitalization). Nutrients in juice also feed your body’s ‘good’ bacteria and help suppress potentially negative (pathogenic) bacteria.
Increases your energy. With your blood flooded with nutrients and your body’s pH optimized, you’ll just feel naturally energized. As juice is absorbed rapidly by your body (and as low-sugar if you focus on vegetables rather than fruits) you’ll feel an almost instantaneous “kick” of energy. Juicing also allows you to consume vegetables that you may not normally enjoy eating whole.
Supports your brain. One study showed women who consumed juice more than three times per week were 76 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who consumed juice less than once a week.
Helps reduce some female cancers & aids in hormone level balance. Vegetable juices kale, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage) have been shown to aid in preventing breast cancer. Others help balance hormone levels in women (reducing hot flashes) and reduce urinary tract infections.
Juicing makes it easier to consume a large quantity of vegetables. Virtually every health authority recommends that you get six to eight servings of vegetables. Juicing virtually guarantees you’ll reach your daily target.
You can add a wider variety of vegetables to your diet. Many people eat the same vegetables every day (violates the principle of regular food rotation and increases your chance of developing an allergy to certain foods). Juicing expands the number of different phytochemicals you receive, as each vegetable offers unique benefits.
Provides ‘structured’ water. Vegetable water is structured water (living water), which is different from regular water—H3O2 rather than H2O. Water from vegetables is the best quality water you can drink!



oops_50The Juice Mistake Many Make (don’t do this)  Some women choose to drink ‘only’ fruit juice. And that can be a real problem, because many fruits are loaded with a whack of fructose (which in turn can contribute to a whole host of health issues). At the same time, vegetable juices alone tend not to taste good. The healthiest option is a balance of vegetables, low-fructose fruits and other special natural ingredients.


organi1-50_samp_wNew & Easy-to-Make Juice Options are Here (Try This Instead)

The simple fact is it’s often a hassle for any of us to go to the trouble of making fresh juice each day. The good news is; high-tech food technology has revealed a new alternative; Veg-Fruit-Combo+ juicing. This new method involves quantity of vegetables (the ‘Veg’), low-fructose fruits (the ‘Fruit’) together (the ‘Combo’) and other natural herbs, spices & more (the ‘+’). A special, easy to make natural juice solution is now available we heard about and recently tried. This source we tried has trial evaluation sachets available for you to try (without having to purchase packs first). Organifi GO is one natural “Veg-Fruit-Combo+” juice we recommend for women (click here for more info on how Organifi GO works) that is very convenient to make in seconds, and has several health benefits for women 35+.

Organifi GO contains 11 intense superfood ingredients (and has a fresh taste we all like, here in our office). Including; moringa; spirulina; mint; beets; matcha green tea (reduces stress, regulates hormones within normal ranges); lemon (appetite-fighting effects and helps stabilize blood sugar); wheatgrass; ashwagandha (helps modulate your response to stress); turmeric (powerful anti-oxidant); coconut water (helps transport ingredients throughout blood stream) and chlorella (high in protein). You can drink this juice as it comes. Organifi GO also serves as an excellent ‘juice base’ you can then add one or two of your own freshly-squeezed vegetable juices, to pack a powerful boost.

You can get 3 sample sticks of ready-made Organifi GO to try at home, HERE

Blender vs Centrifugal Juicer  Blenders have been shown to do significant damage to juice elements and reduce the benefits of drinking juice. Don’t use a plain blender to make your juices because blenders result in a lot of fiber in the j2016-03-02_18-47-29uice. Fiber limits the amount you can drink and it’s not as tasty. Of course, fiber certainly has its own benefits but the abundant live nutrients in real juice are more important to your overall health.

A much better way is to use a centrifugal juicing machine. like the one from Breville in the photo. A centrifugal juicing machine helps you get way more goodness out of the juice, because it extracts more powerfully while leaving the fiber mass (in a good way). This best-selling centrifugal Breville Juice Fountain Plus is the highest-rated juicer on Amazon, for good reason. You can read the reviews here. We love how the pulp collector saves time and makes cleanup a breeze. Here are a few features of this juicing wonder;

  • Extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute can create 8oz. cup of juice in just 5 seconds
  • 850-watt dual-speed motor; powerful stainless-steel cutting disc for fast results
  • Safety locking arm; overload protection LED; large-capacity pulp collector
  • Fast cleanup; dishwasher-safe parts; includes 1-liter juice jug with froth separator, filter basket & free cleaning brush

You can read the Breville juicer reviews here and get more details on Amazon (currently on Amazon sale)


jjCan Store-Bought Juice Work?  The third way is to buy store-bought juice that is freshly squeezed each day. There are delivery services that do this. Some people prepare their juice and store in bulk. The problem is juice that’s even just a few days old has already lost a major portion of overall benefits.cinnamon-essential-oil15

Did you know? You can also add certain approved essential oils to your juice mix, for added flavor, such as; cinnamon or peppermint essential oils (yes, using certain FDA-listed essential oils as food and flavoring ingredients in juice qualifies as an ‘approved use’ by the FDA)

What to Do Next  It is probably unwise to use juicing as a meal replacement. There are few proteins and almost no fats – you need these for health too. Better to consume your juice with your meal, or during a between-meal break. Consider some of the options on this page and take action to increase your intake of healthy vegetable juices that taste great.

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