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I suffer from varicose veins in my legs & I’m aware many of you do, too. So I decided to look into which herbal treatments are best for this most-common ailment, encountered by women 35+. What I discovered from Tash at the Holistic Herbalist was not what I expected. Here’s why;

Says Tash; “We have two types of blood vessels in our circulatory system; arteries, which pump blood away from the heart, and veins which pump blood back to the heart. Of the two, veins have the more difficult task as they need to fight against the pull of gravity. They also can’t

rely on the heart’s pumping action to propel the blood to its destination. Instead, the pumping action comes from the contracting and relaxing motion of the muscles surrounding the veins as well as a number of valves that keep blood flowing toward the heart.

When one of these valves become weakened or begins to malfunction, blood cannot continue to flow properly in one direction toward the heart. Instead, the blood pools and accumulates within the vein causing it to stretch and bulge. These enlarged veins are called varicose veins.

Root causes of varicose veins in women & men, include:

• a genetic predisposition
• a diet too low in fiber and too high in refined food
• obesity
• inactivity
• long periods of standing or sitting
• liver disease
• hormonal imbalances
• nutritional deficiencies

But don’t worry – we can do something about this – with the treatments below;

Herbal Remedies for Varicose Veins

Despite there not being a true cure for varicose veins, there are several remedies that are quite effective in reducing pain, swelling, and appearance. Some therapies can even strengthen the vein walls and prevent the condition from worsening.

Using venotonic (a class of treatments that have effect on veins) herbs will help tone and strengthen veins by gently increasing circulation, tightening vein walls, and reducing inflammation.

Herbs & Vitamins for Varicose Vein Support

Below are some of the best herbs to use for treating varicose veins naturally by strengthening, toning, and rebuilding vein walls, capillaries, and valves. Popular herbs for vein support are butcher’s broom and horse chestnut due to their potent vasoprotective properties so I recommend trying those first. Best used with my recommended varicose Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Vitamin K, in this natural treatment, here


Bilberry contains a potent antioxidant known as anthocyanosides that strengthens and protects blood vessels and capillaries. It dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and improves the collagen structure of vein walls which keeps veins strong and efficient.

To Use: find a standardized extract of bilberry that contains 25% anthocyanosides at 160mg twice daily. Use with this recommended natural treatment, with 15+ varicose vein treatment ingredients

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s Broom is an excellent herb to use for improving vein efficiency and helping the body create its own steroids to stimulate vein resiliency. It also tones and smooths the vein walls bringing it back to its original shape and reducing visible spider and varicose veins. It increases circulation and reduces inflammation.

To Use: take the standardized extract of butcher’s broom with a ruscogenin content of 200-300mg once daily. Best used with my Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Vitamin K, in this recommended natural treatment, here


If your varicose veins are itchy, dry, inflamed, or irritated then calendula is just what you need to relieve symptoms. Its anti-inflammatory properties with bring down swelling and reduce pain while restoring the skin and improving circulation.

To Use: you can either make your own infused herbal oil, or pick one up at your local health food store. Apply the oil gently in an upward motion towards the heart twice a day. Use with my natural recommended treatment, with 15+ varicose vein treatment ingredients


Cayenne pepper is rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids that help protect blood vessels from free radicals. It also promotes the formation of collagen in the vein walls to help keep them healthy and elastic. Cayenne’s capsaicin content gives it potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and blood thinning properties which can help reduce varicose veins.

To Use: you can take cayenne in capsule form or apply it as a cream on affected veins in a gentle upward motion. I use this with Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Vitamin K, in this natural varicose treatment, here

Gotu Kola

The triterpenoids found in gotu kola help strengthen blood vessels and veins and helps improve blood flow and the integrity of vein walls. It also reduces vein leakage, insufficiency, and inflammation.

To Use: take a gotu kola supplement that includes 60mg of triterpenoids once daily. Use with this natural treatment, with 15+ varicose vein treatment ingredients

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut is one of the most popular remedies for treating varicose veins naturally, and for good reason! It contains and active chemical known as aescin; a vasoprotective agent that inhibits the enzyme that causes damage to blood vessels.

Aescin has astringent qualities that constrict, tighten, and shrink blood vessels and works just as well as using a pair of compression stockings. Horse chestnut also thins the blood and increases circulation thereby reducing varicose vein formation. Its diuretic action and anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain and swelling as well.

To Use: take the standardized extract of horse chestnut that contains 100mg of aescin once a day. (this is the closest supplement I could find) Best used with Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Vitamin K, in this natural treatment, here

Pine Bark

Pine bark extract (aka Picnogenol) is an excellent vein remedy that comes from the French maritime pine. It has high amounts of phenolic acids, flavonoids, and proanthocyanidins that visibly reduce inflammation and varicose veins. Pine bark extract also improves circulation and restores the elasticity and strength of vein walls while reducing leg cramps and pain associated with varicose veins. It has been shown to visibly reduce spider vein clusters.

To Use: take 50mg of pycnogenol twice daily. Use with this natural treatment, with 15+ varicose vein treatment ingredients

Witch Hazel

Although you wouldn’t take witch hazel internally, its astringent qualities make it an excellent herb to use externally on varicose veins to tighten, tone, and shrink visible veins. This action helps restore the vein’s natural elasticity and can help relieve the pain and itching associated with varicose veins.

To Use: simply use a cotton ball and apply the witch hazel on affected areas in a gentle upward motion 2-3 times a day.” Best used with Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Vitamin K, in this natural treatment, here


Source: Holistic Herbalist

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