How Advanced Ice & Cold Can Help Skin Care

//How Advanced Ice & Cold Can Help Skin Care
How Advanced Ice & Cold Can Help Skin Care 2016-12-03T02:30:08-04:00
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VIDEO Below: How New Cold & Ice Treatments Can Help Your Skin (Derma Ice Roller Demo)

Asian women have used anti-inflammatory Ice Therapy for centuries to help; smooth, hydrate and clear skin on face, neck & decolletage. They used ice cubes. Now, a more modern and convenient version is fast becoming one of the most talked-about treatments ofice 2016. Why?

Because scientists have taken this age-old practice of using ice cubes for skin care… and modernized it, with; the new derma ice roller. These devices can be a convenient way to deliver benefits of Ice Therapy, quickly and easily. For example, to reduce under-eye puffiness caused by lack of sleep, or skin redness due to a visit to the cosmetician (without the fuss and muss of ice cubes). Short VIDEO BELOW shows you how it works. You can also get one of these devices free at the link, below.

ice-roller3-30aPreviously, it wasn’t as easy to get benefits from ice therapy (because the ice kept melting and making a wet MESS!). Reported benefits of this new, high-tech take on Ice Therapy (also shown in the VIDEO BELOW);

  • cooling treatment helps reduce puffiness on face & eyes
  • supports faster recovery from cosmetic procedures, including reducing redness from micro-needle derma rolling and chemical peels
  • helps give skin a radiant glow
  • can be a helpful acne treatment by alleviating swelling & discomfort of acne breakouts
  • if you would like to try this for yourself we have a special reader FREE GIVEAWAY (all you have to pay is shipping & handling)

Not to mention avoids the painful freezing of your hands. This new VIDEO BELOW, from Susan, shows how it all works, and how to see the benefits for yourself.


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More details on how the Derma Ice Roller works and how to get yours FREE

Here’s what others are saying about their experience with the derma ice roller;

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Read Later - DOWNLOAD this POST as PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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