VIDEO: Is Your Olive Oil Fake?

//VIDEO: Is Your Olive Oil Fake?
VIDEO: Is Your Olive Oil Fake? 2016-12-18T08:59:47-05:00
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VIDEO Below: Vast Majority of Olive Oil Sold in America may be Adulterated, Finds New Report

This info is rated a ‘5-Alarm Health Shocker’ on my scale (please consider sharing this page now, because your friends need to know). Many of us natural skin care & essential oil mavens use olive oil in our daily natural skin & hair care routines (as a carrier oil, in soaps & more). Not to mention using olive oils in our favorite foods, of course. But is the olive oil you’re buying at your local store or supermarket & putting on your face, body, hair & taking internally (eating) really virgin olive oil? Likely not, according to the report below. Please read on now, for critical info & videos below.

How to Avoid the Latest Olive Oil Rip-Offs   Consider this; according to a new report by respected author and naturopath, Dr. Joseph Mercola MD, chances are you’ve been eating poor quality olive oil so long – or you’ve never tasted a pure, high quality olive oil to begin with – you likely don’t even realize there’s something wrong with it.

There’s so much money at stake the Mafia may now be involved in much of Italy’s olive oil production, from picking – through wholesale – to supermarket. There’s even a name for them in Italy; the ‘Agromafia’. This was the subject of a 60-Minutes TV piece. As Dr. Mercola says; “the popularity of the Mediterranean diet has made olive oil a $16 billion-a-year industry. Unfortunately, this popularity has also led to massive fraud and corruption.”

While obviously, not all today’s olive oils are affected by potential scams, many olive oils you’ve tried over the years at home, in prepared foods or in restaurants, probably were. Unknowingly, you may have already been a victim.

A key point to understanding what’s going on here; many olive oils claiming to be be ‘virgin’ oils, actually contain much cheaper, substandard olive oils that have been unnaturally ‘refined’ to bring them up to a standard judged ‘fit for human consumption’. No olive oil claiming to be, ‘virgin or extra virgin’ should contain any refined (which may mean for example, refined-by-heat or chemical process-yuk!) olive oils.

With no official standards, the potential profits involved in the global olive oil market today is astounding. Many parties – under pressure to produce higher profits – may become tempted to cut corners. Many olive oil producers have already taken this dark step.

Dr. Mercola goes on to say; “even ‘extra virgin’ olive oil is often diluted with other less expensive oils, including; hazelnut, soybean, corn, sunflower, palm, sesame, grape seed and/or walnut [or lower-grade, non-virgin olive oils]. These added oils will NOT be listed on the label.” See tips in these videos and at links below, on how you can easily identify high quality virgin olive oils for yourself, including; sourcing your olive oils from specialty retailers who allow you to taste any olive oil you desire to try, first. See videos below.

Taste and smell are factors by which you discern authenticity – you need to become your own judge. Makes sense, right? Buying from smaller olive oil producers may help you, because they have more at stake to get it right and therefore less incentive to cheat. Guidance on what to look & taste for, is included at the link below these videos. How else can you incorporate real olive oil into a more healthy routine? CLICK HERE for oil & health-related video and article

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So how can you be sure you’re getting unadulterated olive oil? Buy from a source you can actually go and visit in the USA and observe for yourself. For example, this natural olive orchard in Texas here (they also do online sales);

Source: for more details on this story (the above is an abbreviated version) with a full rundown on olive oil tips, health concerns and things to look out for when choosing and using olive oils, please visit Dr. Mercola’s site at;

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