VIDEO: What is ‘Tech Neck’ (and what to do about it?)

//VIDEO: What is ‘Tech Neck’ (and what to do about it?)
VIDEO: What is ‘Tech Neck’ (and what to do about it?) 2017-01-15T11:34:29-04:00
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VIDEO: What is ‘tech neck’ (and can natural, organic treatments help?)

I came across some info in a VIDEO (below) put out by a major cosmetic manufacturer, and was intrigued as they seemed to be addressing an area many major companies miss; care and attention of our necks.

The video below shows the concern about ‘tech neck’ and one company’s solution for it. Apparently, with so many of us looking down at our phones, tablets, computer screens (and many other devices & activities that cause us look downward) it can have an effect on the skin of our necks, causing new creases & new folds in our neck area (see VIDEO below). Now, while this seems reasonable, I can’t say with 100% certainty that ‘tech neck,’ caused by looking down, is an actual ‘thing’ for you.

But what I do know, is that my neck (and likely yours too) can use some extra care and attention with essential oil skincare. That’s why I investigated, found & tried the ‘MyDolphin’ Neck Care + Photon Therapy for Lifting & Tightening device (more info HERE).

Now, this really is something new! This handy, ‘dolphin-tail’ shaped device works 3-ways to tone, enhance and relax your neck. This palm-size device can easily be combined with essential oil treatments, for a relaxing and rejuvenating natural treatment (without harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients – because you use it with your own favorite skincare essential oils and natural therapies).

The goal here with MyDolphin neck therapy is to combine natural essential oil skincare with the latest light and other therapies to get the most out of your essential oils.

This handy device works 3-ways to enhance neck appearance, using three advanced technologies, previously available only at expensive cosmeticians; LED photon therapy (light therapy), high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, and relaxing heat.

Here’s how the light therapy part works; 3 LED light color modes to enhance beauty;

Blue Light Mode is anti-bacterial, helps tighten loose skin around your neck… and also assists in skin renewal (collagen synthesis)

Green Light Mode helps fade sun damage (age-spots), freckles, pigmentation and more…

Red Light Mode is primarily for pro-aging therapy… because it penetrates deepest into the skin approximately 8-10 mm, which stimulates fiber cells and the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles, helps make skin smoother and more elastic

No Batteries Required: USB charging in cradle allows for hassle-free use, you’ll never have to worry about replacements. Conveniently connect and charge the device with any standard USB charger, outlet, computer, or laptop

I gave this handy device a try and found it easy to use, gentle and relaxing. For more info on this handy device, at a special price for my valued readers please CLICK HERE for MyDolphin Neck TREATMENT DETAILS

Gentle, relaxing, high-tech cosmetic care that can be combined with our favorite natural essential oil and other therapies – what more could we ask for?

For more info on ‘tech neck’ I mentioned earlier, please see the video below. If you would like to try the products mentioned in the video, along with the MyDolphin LED therapy device, you can Get the Treatments Mentioned in the Video on Amazon HERE

CLICK HERE for MyDolphin Neck Treatment DETAILS & DISCOUNT

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