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Get 17 new & effective essential oil ‘industry insider’ secrets (PLUS current essential oil coupons from Young Living, doTERRA, Floracopeia + giveaways & more)! wow_mWould you like to  discover how to benefit, using natural essential oils to enhance the condition, health & beauty of your skin? Then this book is for you. “Inside, Womens Life Daily magazine Beauty Editor, Marie Cooper takes you, step-by-step through each element of essential oil skincare for ages 35+
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Here’s what’s inside for you:

  • which essential oil is best for YOU (& why)
  • doTerra & Young Living – what’s coming
  • the 1 ‘Big Oil Mistake’ you must NEVER make
  • two new Pacific island oils & how they work
  • how to make all your ess oils last longer
  • where to get free oil giveaways, now
  • 3 new oil tools for 2016 (these actually work)
  • what to do when oils are not enough
  • how hi-tech can make your oils work better
  • where to get low, low ess oil prices
  • 5 simple steps to healthy aging with oils
  • coupons for giveaway treatments & oils
  • how to best evaluate your skin (pain free)

…and much more!

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Here’s a chapter-by-chapter list of what you’ll find inside your book (+coupons): Chapters 1, 2 & 3 are downloadable right away (additional PDFs, 3-Chapters at a time are released by email in the days following your zero-cost registration)

Essential Oil Insider Secret #1: 
Get Your Essential Oils to Go Deeper (the easy way)

Essential Oil Insider Secret #2:  Carrot Seed Essential Oil can Work Wonders
Essential Oil Insider Secret #3:  Not Every Essential Oil is Created Equal
Essential Oil Insider Secret #4:  Clean Skin is Healthy Skin (so let’s get it truly clean)
Essential Oil Insider Secret #5:  Essential Oils can Reduce Inflammation (and that’s great!)
Essential Oil Insider Secret #6:  Get the Power of Geranium Essential Oil Working for You
Essential Oil Insider Secret #7:  Lavender Essential Oil – Helpful in So Many Ways!
Essential Oil Insider Secret #8:  Neroli – the One Essential Oil for Fine Lines
Essential Oil Insider Secret #9:  Peptides and Essential Oils – the New, Hi-Tech Combination
Essential Oil Insider Secret #10:  The Sun is Not Always Bad for Skin
Essential Oil Insider Secret #11:  How to Beautify Your Skin from the Inside-Out
Essential Oil Insider Secret #12:  When Oils are Not Enough
Essential Oil Insider Secret #13:  Amazing Ylang Ylang (the one oil for every skin-type)
Essential Oil Insider Secret #14:  How to Select the Right Carrier Oil
Essential Oil Insider Secret #15:  Why almost Every Woman Should Consider Rose Oil
Essential Oil Insider Secret #16: Tea Tree (Melaleuca) and Tamanu (Wondrous Oils from Down-Under)
Essential Oil Insider Secret #17: Myrrh – the Oil of the Gods (when & how to use it)

Essential Oil Skin Care Resources: How & Where to get Oil Tools & Treatments you Need

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