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Do you have any of these three common under-eye conditions (I have all three, by the way!); dark circles under your eyes, crow’s feet (those fine wrinkles under & around yourgrs eyes), or puffiness / under-eye bags?

If your answer is, ‘yes’ to one or more of these, you’re in the right place. Because here, we’ll explore these under-eye conditions commonly affecting women & men ages 35-65. And what essential-oil related treatments can do.

eyesI’ll reveal how the following natural essential oils; Argan oil, Vetiver oil and Lavender oil (together with new treatments containing essential oil and peptides) could be the key to reducing these conditions – resulting in an enhanced, refreshed under-eye appearance for you. I’ll even show you on this page, how you can use plain-old tea bags to look younger under your eyes!Most of us have these under-eye conditions to some degree (I certainly do). But the good news is; all three of these conditions can be improved, without pain or surgery. Even better news; these treatments don’t have to be expensive or painful at all. With nature-based treatments (including the right essential oils) plus a little care and attention from you, their impact can be reduced (without the use of concealers or other ‘temporary’ methods).

We’re only interested in long-term solutions here – because it’s no good just, “covering up” these conditions. No. What we want to do is treat the problem at the source, and make it easy for you. Let’s get to it; dealing with these conditions and easy steps you can take to make the skin under your eyes look brighter, younger and more refreshed.

3 Types of Dark Circles: Why Blue or Red Circles are Easier to Treat than Brown

14920081_sThe Cause The skin under our eyes is very thin. This means blood and fluids underneath your skin can easily show through. As we age, skin under our eyes becomes even thinner (almost transparent). Skin under our eyes can also become darker as we age.

How to Determine Your Best Solution The best way to treat this depends on what shade of discoloration you have under your eyes. Do this to determine your type;

Looking into a mirror in natural light, point your chin slightly downward to expose the shadows under your eyes; this will enable you to clearly see whether your dark circles; are the circles more ‘blue or purple-red’ in color, or more ‘brown’ in color? Here’s what it means; (continued below)…

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Blue or Reddish/Purple Circles Under the Eyes This means your dark circles are caused by the dark, oxygenated blood and fluids that has pooled underneath your skin. For most of us, this is more noticeable after we awaken from sleep because fluids have pooled during the night. Blue circles can worsen with age, as skin gets thinner, so it’s a good idea to start treatment early.tea

Solutions for Blue or Reddish/Purple Circles: an effective, natural and relaxing treatment is the use of cold, green tea bags to help reduce the volume of fluids and re36529183_sduce swelling. The caffeine in green tea also helps constrict blood vessels further, fading the appearance of darkness.

In addition, using potent, natural hydrators such as hyaluronic acid can plump the area, pushing the skin up and away from the pooled blood. To promote new skin growth, we can help the skin along by providing the skin with peptides. When collagen in your skin breaks down, it forms specific peptides that signal to your skin that it was damaged (and needs to make new collagen). Peptides are the building-blocks of proteins; active molecules that send signals to your cells. While some essential oils contain peptides, there are some advanced treatments (below) that combine natural essential oils with advanced peptides to aid rapidly in this new growth.

Effective Treatment to Try for ‘Blue’ or ‘Reddish/Purple’ Dark Circles: This highly-rated pro-age plant-based European treatment from Swiss-Ultimate Labs contains essential oils, potent hydrators and peptides to help promote skin regrowth, thereby reducing the appearance of dark circles. For a limited time, as a special reader you can use this exclusive reader link below, for a free Swiss-Ultimate Serum when you try this Lifetrons essential oil booster device on Amazon.

An additional benefit of using Swiss-Ultimate Serum; it contains a new, high-tech recently released ingredient, Beautifeye, from the renowned Sederma cosmetic research company in France. Beautifeye is reported to fade both blue and red discoloration under the eyes (see more detail below in the crow’s feet section).

sus-600_aEssential oils can also help you get more sleep: using Lavender and exotic Vetiver essential oils for aromatherapy at night-time can help put you into sleepy-mode. Allowing you to sleep deeper – further helping reduce your dark circles.vetiver2

Brown Circles Under the Eyes If you see a more ‘brown’ color on and in skin under your eyes, then your issue likely results from hyper-pigmentation. This can be triggered by sun exposure, rubbing your eyes or genetics.

Solution for Brown Circles: use a cream or serum spiked with a citrus skin brightener, which can lighten brown circles over a period of a few weeks. Avoid hydroquinone, which is a lightener for sun spots and scars – most dermatologists agree hydroquinone is too strong for use under the eyes. In addition, the use of sunscreen will help prevent additional damage.

Crow’s Feet – Easier if ‘Fine’ or ‘Fine-Medium’

crowsThe Cause Crow’s feet are caused by reduced elasticity in our skin with loss of collagen, as well as general skin thinning as we age.

Solutions for Crow’s Feet: Three things we need to do here; 1) apply & retain more moisture, 2) promote skin regeneration and 3) make treatments more effective by; helping them go deeper… under your skin’s surface where they can do more good. The right essential oils and high-tech ingredients can work together to do all three critical things.

One of our favorite oils for moisture is natural, potent Argan oil. Produced from kernels of seeds of the Argan (Argania Spinosa) tree commonly grown in Morocco, Argan oil’s moisturizing properties for skin & hair have become very well known in recent years.argan

Peptides have become popular in high-grade treatments for crow’s feet. Why?

By boosting the amount of peptides topically (only very small amounts are required) our body hears a kind of, ‘signal.’ And our skin responds (very helpfully) by making new growth. This is where recent advances in cosmetic research are paying-off in new and effective, high-tech treatments. By promoting new skin growth in this way, the appearance of crow’s feet and fine wrinkles can be reduced… and you regain a more youthful appearance around your eyes.

Finally, we can improve the effectiveness of combined natural essential oils and peptide treatments by helping them go deeper under the surface of your skin. How? By using a high-tech sonic infusion device, that uses sonic vibration and micro-pulses of small electrical charge to send the beneficial ingredients where they can do more good – below the tough outer surface of our skin.

sus_azEffective Pro-Age Treatment to Try: this helpful, European formulated treatment contains Argan oil and the three tactics mentioned above (Argan & other natural oils, potent peptides in a natural seaweed base, + sonic infusion treatment) to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet; Swiss-Ultimate Serum. For a limited time, our readers can use this special Amazon link where you’ll get Swiss-Ultimate Serum FREE when you try a Lifetrons Essential Oil Booster device to help the Serum go deeper (where treatments can do the most good).

An additional benefit of using Swiss-Ultimate Serum; the Serum contains a new, high-tech ingredient named, Beautifeye, from the French company, Sederma. This advanced ingredient helps reduce blue, red and purple discoloration under the eye. What’s more it has also been found to help lift droopy upper-eyelids… which is something new.

According to Sederma; “clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects of Beautifeye, around the eye and on the eyelid fold height… both of which have been reduced respectively by up to 61% and 91% after 2 months of treatment. In addition to this breakthrough action, Beautifeye visibly smooths crow’s-feet wrinkles, decreasing their volume (up to -34%) and depth (up to -33%); and fades dark circles, lessening the intensity of red (up to -32%) and blue (up to -30%) coloration.”

Under-Eye Puffiness – Fluids Play a Part

eye_bagsThe Cause Puffiness is caused by fluids accumulating under the eye, for example due to lack of sleep. In addition, with aging, tissues around your eyes (including some of the muscles supporting your eyelids) weaken. ‘Healthy’ fat that normally helps support the eyes and eyelids can then move downward into the lower eyelids, causing them to appear puffy; increasing the size of under-eye bags.

Solution for Puffiness: a temporary treatment to reduce puffiness is the use of cold, green orgreen_tea black tea bags to help reduce the volume of fluids. Although temporary, the reduction in puffiness can be rapid and quite surprising. Soak the tea bags in hot water for 3-5 minutes, then place in fridge or freezer till cold, then place on top of your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Be sure to moisturize after, using a high-grade moisturizing serum or cream.

Helpful Treatment to Try For longer-lasting relief for under-eye puffiness, the use of a sonic-infusion device to help reduce under-eye puffiness can help, through gentle, ultrasonic vibration. Today, our readers can use this special Amazon link which gets you a free Swiss-Ultimate Serum on Amazon. Click here to explore on Amazon how this exciting treatment works.

Summary: Don’t Fret… Take Action with Natural Therapies Combined with Pro-Age Tech!   Try the targeted treatments, essential oils and solutions mentioned above. You’ll likely discover, as I and many thousands of others who suffer from these under-eye conditions have, you don’t have to resort to surgery or Botox & needles to enhance your under-eye appearance.

In addition to the effective, targeted treatments mentioned above, these additional ‘care-factors’ can all help reduce under-eye issues; sleep on your back; exercise; eat well (careful how much sugar is in your diet); don’t smoke; and finally; take steps to reduce stress in your life (essential oil aromatherapy with Vetiver and Lavender oils can help relax you, toward better sleep).

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Until next time, please look after yourself!

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