Sonic Infusion & Essential Oil Treatments for Healthy Aging

/Sonic Infusion & Essential Oil Treatments for Healthy Aging
Sonic Infusion & Essential Oil Treatments for Healthy Aging 2016-12-03T02:30:09-04:00
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Has science finally found a way to get better essential oil results?   (new FDA registered face essential oil technology)   The popularity of essential oils used in facial pro-aging skin care has increased massively in recent years. But there’s a problem; for best healthy-aging results on your face, essential oils must be applied in a particular way. Here below, we show you what to do, and why. Perhaps like many, you’re using essential oils to reduce signs of aging on your face (wrinkles & sun damage). But have you heard how popular, new FDA-registered Essential Oil Ionic-Infusion Massager’ and Sonic-Infusion Essential Oil Under-Eye Massager wands, plus Swiss-Ultimate Essential Oil Therapy Serum can help you get even better results from your oils, each and every time?

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Whether you’re a current or future user of quality essential oils from Young Living, doTERRA and other quality oil makers for wrinkles or other skin issues – we’ll demonstrate here several effective techniques you can use daily or weekly.

Easy, proven methods to make all your skin essential oil treatments more effective (including options that use no needles and involve zero pain).

We have several helpful videos available here, helping you make better use of your essential oils, each day.oil33

This next short video below gives you a quick snapshot of how our new FDA-registered devices actually work. To see how Sonic-Infusion can make essential oils more effective on your face, please click the video below;

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What kind of essential oils are we talking about here?  The already large number of essential oils with healthy aging/anti-aging/anti-winkle properties is growing, as our researchers reveal the mysteries contained in these powerful oils, weekly. Here are a few of our current favorites; any oil with Ferulic Acid – a proven wrinkle-fighter (Ferulic Acid mostly organically sourced from Brown Rice so there are no weird animal sources to worry about), Grapeseed or Apricot Kernel ‘carrier oils’ with Frankincense oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil and oils containing Vitamin E. These are all generally reasonably-priced, safe & effective oils to start with. These oils, as well as others can do a much better job.  You simply must avoid leaving oils just sitting on top of your skin. Do something to make them go deeper! (please keep reading to find out what to do next)…

Your essential oils need help to work their skin care magic. Why?  Millions of women and men in the USA are starting to use essential oils in their daily facial skin care routine, toward reducing their oevap1wn particular signs of aging. But there’s a problem with the way many apply the essential oil to their skin. Why?

Because without help, all essential oils can really do is sit on top surface of your skin and evaporate faster than you would want them to.

Rather than penetrating deeper into the lower layers of your epidermis (skin) where beneficial elements can do the most good – and deliver solid benefits to you.

Proven medical research leads to better essential oil results… for healthy aging   There is an established field of cosmetic medicine to increase eyes1penetration of essential oils and other treatments below the upper surface of the skin; the name given to this type of therapy is Mesotherapy. According to Wikipedia, Mesotherapy (from Greek mesos, “middle”, and therapy from Greek therapeia, “to treat medically”) blog_banner1is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. The first Mesotherapy method we’ll explain is over a hundred years old and involves the use of small or ‘micro’ needles. Then, we’ll reveal a new Mesotherapy method that involves no needles at all.

A little skin care history (how Mesotherapy was discovered)  Let’s talk first about the older method of getting essential oils deeper under the skin; Mesotherapy using needles (can be a little painful but don’t worry we are going to show you a more modern, pain-free way, below). Cosmetic Mesotherapy can employ multiple, micro-injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into middle and lower layers of the skin.

Mesotherapy using micro needles for cosmetic purposes is popular throughout European countries and South America, and today Mesotherapy is practiced by approximately 18,000 physicians worldwide. Mesotherapy using micro-needles was developed by French doctors in the 1940’s and 50’s as a way to increase the penetration of oils and other medications into the surface of the skin to benefits for therapy.

Europe leads the way in Mesotherapy research  French researcher Dr Michel Pistor (1924–2003) performed clinical research and later pistorfounded a new field of medicine. The French press coined the term Mesotherapy in the late 1950’s and in 1987 the French Académie Nationale de Médecine officially recognized Mesotherapy as a Specialty of Medicine in 800px-MH_Paris_16_rue_Bonaparte1987.

But there’s a slight problem with Mesotherapy using needles… it can & does hurt (at least a little)! And a number of women and men don’t look forward to the prospect of needles being used on their face (even if the needles are very small). Speaking from experience, Mesotherapy using needles can hurt – especially on bony areas of the face, such as the forehead, temples and around the eyes.

Micro needle rollers can make things better with essential oils (but ouch! …they still hurt)  About 10 years ago, new advances in metallurgyroller1 (the study of metals) made roller2smaller needles increasingly easy and cheap to make And it’s these devices that have become quite popular in recent years in the application omeso88f essential oils and other treatments on the face for anti-aging, anti-winkle purposes. While these micro needle rollers are a huge improvement over older devices, they still hurt. Especially on the ‘bony’ areas of the face such as the temples, around the eyes and other facial areas that are not covered with a deep layer of flesh. Surely, there must be a better way?

Finally, the modern, pain-free Mesotherapy & essential oil method is available in the USA  The more modern way of increasing essential oil penetration into the skin is called sonic infusion therapy. Sonic infusion therapy involves no needles whatsoever (and no pain or discomfort – in fact it actually feels relaxing!).

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Instead of relying on invasive needles, Sonic Infusion relies on combining ultrasonic therapy and iontophoresis – both of which have pin_essential_infusion1fsignificant scientific evidence behind them. As with so many things we see and use in our daily lives, doesn’t it make sense that if something is moved and vibrated on top of our skin it’s much more likely to go deeper? Using similar sonic frequencies as medical ultrasonic imaging, the distribution of healing agents can be better achieved when vibrated at a certain frequency.

Iontophoresis on the other hand, uses very low electrical charge to push essential oils and other treatments deeper into the skin. Sonic infusion devices commonly use AAA or AA batteries with 0.5 to 1.5 V of electrical charge to gently push oils or other treatments you may choose deeper under the surface of your skin, where they can do more good, and last longer.

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